• What is THUMBTACK?

    Our Experience Using Thumbtack: Home Pro's do NOT get your contact information unless you provide it when requesting a quote.

    Is Thumbtack the New Way to Find your next service provider?

    Doing everything in minutes and on your phone or computer has become the new norm for better or worse. In this case, we’re talking better. The yellow pages or even online searches can be difficult to or outdated; this website will make your life easier. Thumbtack offers an easy-to-connect way of getting in touch with professionals you need for your home, no matter the area. Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Home Cleaners, and much much more. All with VERIFIED reviews and AVAILABILITY. And chat with the pros on Thumbtack. We loved it.


    Verified Reviews | Chat Online | Free To Use

    Our Favorite Part: Browse service providers and Request A Quote and rest assured that the service providers do NOT get your contact information. Even though you are registered with Thumbtack, they do not pass your information to the provider. Only after your comfortable with price and terms do you provide your contact information and home address. Thus a no pressure way of getting a price quote for your project!

    Google Search or Thumbtack?

    Google searches and reviews can take up tons of time and in some cases inaccurate. Thumbtack is a great place to go the moment you’re thinking of starting a project. Search for what you want, check out profiles, chat and schedule appointment. AND the best part? The home pros do NOT get your contact information unless you provide it! Less spam = more happy.


    No calling around, no searching for hours, no googling for review after review. Sounds like paradise, right?

    PRICING - free to use

    Finding the right contractor that also has the right price can be tricky, and while there are no guarantees for the best contractor at the best price, Thumbtack makes it easy to quickly check out prices without an awkward phone call.

    Simply search for what type of project you’re looking for and scroll through the list of contractors who may be a good fit. The average pricing will be neatly laid out in front of you and a quick message can be sent regarding particular projects that may need a bit more scope in order to get the pricing. While some individuals may have themselves listed as to be contacted for their price list, you can check out the average amount for common services, giving you an idea of what kind of budget you’ll have to work with.

    You don’t have to pay Thumbtack anything extra to use their services, just the company you’ve selected!

    Find Local Professionals For Pretty Much Anything

    Try a quick search below.

    Quick Profiles

    A list of profiles to check out makes it easy to find the contractor you’re looking for. All you have to do is click on whichever type of work you’re needing done (general handyman, painter, HVAC) and pop in your zip code. A whole list of profiles will show up, allowing you to shop around for the best reviews, their pricing, and their skills. You can also find out how many employees they have employed, what city or cities they work in, and how long they’ve been in business for.


    Ready to get an appointment started? Check the availability of your preferred individual and set a tentative appointment. Instead of a generic calendar that still leaves questions for the contractor and yourself, Thumbtack provides a whole screening process that includes everything you and the company will need to move forward. Check out the dates that work for you; the desired time of day; the strength of work, such as if it’s a quick fix or a full project); what type of work will be needed to be done; the specific area of the home; and any other details you feel necessary to set the appointment. Add your e-mail and they’ll be in touch with the dates that work! An appointment may not be booked right away, but the inquiry has been sent and you’ll be able to cross that off your to-do list.




    Not ready for that appointment and still have a few questions? Send a message and get to chatting about what you need done and what they can do to help. You can even share their profile to your partner, asking to weigh in on the reviews or their experience.


    When looking for a company through search engines, checking out a few different reviews is a good idea. Checking out the reviews left on Thumbtack is also a good idea, but much easier. Reviews are left and a star rating can be quickly viewed right from their profile. Remember that great reviews are awesome to see, but be sure to read both the bad and the good; sometimes, the bad isn’t so bad and the good isn’t as great as you’d like it to be.

    Easily organize your projects on the web and mobile app. Very convenient.


    You can check out contractors, set up an appointment and get started on your home renovations all through the handy app! You can search and filter your way to the best individual for you, checking out pricing and the little extras that may or may not work for your family. The website is extremely easy to use and navigate.

    Thumbtack works particularly well when it comes to those who hate talking on the phone. Worried about whether or not the company is the right fit? They may look great on paper, but a simple chat can make you feel better and more at ease with someone, or alert you to any issues that you may end up having. Just because a good review says they’re amazing, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right person for your job. And, that’s okay. Filter and try again to find the perfect contractor for you.

    Thumbtack helps you support local. You can find companies within your neighborhood, taking you from searching all over the city to those that are close by, supporting your neighbors and community.

    Handy Guides

    Not sure what type of contractor you need or what the tipping policy is? A handy questions and answers section can help you figure out how much or if you should be tipping.

    Maybe you don’t need to hire anyone, at all, and just need to find a way to get rid of ants or some more information on buying your first home. You got it all right here. It even has a handy how-to section that will give you some steps (and a nice little budget average) on how to do simple projects that you may not need to hire out for. Or, you’ll realize that that’s too much work that you don’t need to be worrying about and it is totally worth hiring that builder or electrician you had your eye on. But, you know, not in a creepy way. In a totally HGTV way.

    Obviously, you won’t automatically be safe from a contractor’s bad work ethic or doing a project poorly. This app is designed to help put you in touch with the craftspeople that you need, and issues can always arise. Be smart when reviewing a company, checking out their credentials, their reviews, and how you feel with them. You’ll have to work with the person, even if it’s just over the phone, and they’ll have to come to your home, so being comfortable is extremely important.

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