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Weed Management for your House

Weeds, though delightful to some, are a nuisance to many.

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Weeds, though delightful to some, are a nuisance to many. They star to rear their ugly heads in the beginning of spring and can last until late fall, causing you grief and choking out your garden. Weeds, when left alone can take over a garden and yard, taking your curb-appeal from looking fresh and beautiful to ugly and dingy. So, how do you deal with them? We have some great tips that will help you get control of your yard back!

Pull them out by hand

A tried-and-true method, this is the one that works the best, but it takes a lot of time and can be strenuous, depending on how many weeds you have. Wear gloves and pull the weed out, making sure you take the root with it. Discard in the garbage and do not add to your compost pile as that can cause more weeds to grow.

Dig them out

There are many different weed digging devices, some you can use while standing up, while others you use getting a little closer and personal with the weed in front of you. As far as weed management goes, digging out weeds and pulling them by hand are the options that work the best and cause the least amount of damage to your yard and the environment. This can take time, but by removing and killing the root, you have a better chance of weeds not returning.

Vinegar and Salt

Vinegar does all sorts of amazing things, like clean your home and make french fries taste even better! It also kills weeds. Use an entire bottle of vinegar (the 1 gallon jugs), add 1 cup of salt and 3 squirts of dish soap to help the solution stick to the weeds. Spray onto the offending weed.

You can also use salt, or a water and salt solution, to kill weeds in your yard. Simply sprinkle only the weeds on a hot and sunny day and watch them shrivel up. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to every cup of water you use and spray like the vinegar and salt solution. It’s best to spray either of these solutions on a hot and sunny day and to wait if there’s sign of rain; you don’t want the rain to wash away your weed killer!

These solutions will kill other plants, so make sure you’re not spraying any that you want to keep!

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric may not be a solution to your weed problem if it already exists, but it’s excellent for weed management before you start a project. Lay down landscape fabric before starting any updated to your yard and garden. This will help keep weeds from pushing through the fabric and growing where they’re not wanted. If you don’t have any landscape fabric, you can also do the same with cardboard or lots of newspaper. You want to choke out the weeds and make sure that they don’t come up, or if you have a big problem, that not as many come up.

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