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Organizing your Garage

The garage. A mythical place where the floors are clean, cars are parked and boxes are stored and tucked away neatly. 

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The garage. A mythical place where the floors are clean, cars are parked and boxes are stored and
tucked away neatly, ready for use when you need them. Rarely, do garages look as neat and tidy as
that image does. Is there a place that gets more stuff dumped into it, never to be found, again?
Boxes piled up, rakes and shovels co-mingling in a corner, barely any room to fit your car, the
madness getting to you! 

Garages should, at least, have enough room to fit your vehicles and if stuff
is getting in the way of that, we have some tips to get your garage organized:

Bike Racks

You can purchase hooks to hang your bike from the ceiling, getting it off the ground and out of the
way, or you can purchase full racks that can be used to hang your bike up on walls. A bike rack can
help get items out of the way, especially when it’s winter and you’re not riding your bike anymore.
Either option will give you more space to play around in, or you know, actually move.


There are tons of shelves to choose from and investing in a good set can take your space from a
total mess to a perfectly organized garage. Or, at least, make it easier for you to store even more

Try installing some older kitchen or bathroom cabinets; these will help keep items tucked away and
will make a good space for you to start projects on. Is your garage more of a storage option than a
project room? A utility shelf will work wonders in getting all of those boxes and items off the floor
and away from your feet that constantly keep tripping over them.

Organize by Season

You don’t (or really shouldn’t!) need a snow shovel in the middle of July, so why is it sitting front
and center in your garage? Organize your items into groups that you will need them: shovels, rakes,
flower pots and gardening gloves should all be stored together. The snow shovel, snow blower and
toboggan should be stored away for their respective season. To make things easier, put that
season’s must-haves at the front of the garage and the other season’s needs at the back.

Use Containers

Mice can get into things like soil and ruin any fabric pieces like pillows or hammocks. Put them away
safely in storage containers that will keep your items safe and keep your garage organized.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Do you have cans of paint you’ll never use stacked in a corner, collecting dust, rusting and taking up
precious space? Dispose of them safely and keep only the ones you’ll actually use again.
Sometimes, things get tossed into the garage to be dealt with later; most of the time, you’ve run
out of use for it. Donate those items that are still in working conditions and throw out any broken

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