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How to Keep your Bathroom Clean

The bathroom can be a disgusting place to clean and can be hard to keep continuously clean.

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The bathroom can be a disgusting place to clean and can be hard to keep continuously clean. Moisture may be seeping into surfaces and causing them to sink, water splashes over the sink and stays there, leaving stains, and soap scum builds up in the shower. How do you keep your without cleaning it every single day?

Try adding a plant to take some of the humidity out of the bathroom. There are lots of great plants to choose from that look great in your bathroom like the Boston Fern or Peace Lily. They look great, add to an otherwise boring room, and help keep your bathroom feeling fresh instead of humid! Just make sure that the plant you add is pet safe!

A plant may take some humidity out of the bathroom, but you still need a fan to keep the humidity levels normal. Make sure you have a good fan that takes out the moisture, keeping your bathroom at a desired level. A starts with keeping your family healthy and making sure it doesn’t feel like you’re in the rainforest. Yuck.

Set aside a specific day for cleaning the bathroom, like a Monday or Saturday morning. Get all of the bathrooms cleaned that day so you can go on your merry way, not worrying about the mess and when you’ll have time to clean.

Wipe down the counter every day or couple of days to sop up any water that may have been splashed across the surface. Use a rage to wipe it up, wiping down the faucet handles with a spray to keep them sparkling. It may be a small thing, but a clean vanity can make your bathroom look cleaner.

Invest in cleaner that work and won’t ruin the environment or give you a headache. Look for products that don’t contain harmful chemicals and that are easy on nose but tough on soap scum.

Wash your bath mats. Contrary to popular belief, most bath mats can be washed! Instead of spraying everything down in Febreze, throw it in the washing machine and hang outside to dry for a lovely fresh smell. You’ll be surprised at how clean your rug and the rest of your bathroom feels after a quick wash.

Keeping your is more than just scrubbing toilets. Organize your cabinets to get rid of any clutter. Take a look at what you’re using and what you’re really not and pare down your shopping trips and expenses to take care of essentials.

Take the time out, once a month, to clean those areas you always say you will but never do, like behind the toilet or wiping down the inside of the cabinets.

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