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Corona Virus and your Home 

Keeping your Kids Entertained!

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Having your kids at home, while wonderful, can be absolutely draining. They just have so much
energy! This is the time to really get to know your family, even if they drive you crazy. A little
planning and creativity can keep everyone entertained. Keep your kids entertained with these great


No matter the age of your kids, you can find a craft that will excite them, even if only for a few
hours. You just have to tweak the type of crafts you can do with them. Construction paper and
crayons will make a toddler’s dream come true, while DIYing how to make scrunchies may be better
suited for your teenage daughter.

Try buying craft kids from your local craft store if they’re available online or for pick-up; you can
even buy kits from Etsy, put together with little hands or teenage angst in mind.
No money to order more supplies? Anything can be a craft supply! Keep your kids entertained
longer by taking them outside on a nature walk to collect sticks and pinecones, letting their
imaginations run wild as they glue and build.

Try incorporating some toilet paper roll crafts (because we all have the empty rolls, even if we don’t
have the toilet paper to go with them!). There are tons to choose from on Pinterest and are pretty
easy and fun to make.

Get Them Back in Touch with Nature

They may not be able to head to the playground or out for playdates, but spending hours running
around in a backyard is a great way to keep them entertained and tire them out. Best of all? You
can keep watch on them while getting some of your own work done, grabbing some fresh air,

Teach Them How to Bake

People are going nuts for freshly baked bread right now, so why not bring your kiddos into the mix
of things? Now’s the time to teach them valuable skills for the future, even if their cooking skills will
only include cookies or bread.

Get Their Hands in Dirt

Keeping kids entertained for long periods of time can take a lot of work, but for most, digging in the
garden will keep them happy for hours! Gardening can be therapeutic and getting them digging
away can keep their little hands busy and will result in some delicious garden fresh food.

Camp Out

Sure, camping has been banned for the next while and we may be hoping for parks to open up once

the weather turns nice, but you can still have a little camp out! If the weather permits, make a camp
out in the backyard or build a fort and have a big, family camp out in the living room.

Let Them Have Control of Their Bedrooms

Re-arrange it, make decorations for it, and if you can afford it and can buy it safely, add a new lamp
or table – if needed. Let them make it as cozy and/or as fun as possible to make their own little
oasis. Best of all, it’ll be a great time to get that full deep clean going in that room.

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