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Common Computer Issues And What You Can Do To Avoid a Headache

Hardware malfunctions, system freezes, viruses, and the legendary blue screen of death. These are just a few of the common problems associated with owning a computer. No matter if you treat your laptop or desktop with the utmost care, it will eventually encounter an issue due to natural deterioration. We have a solution to help you!

The bottom line is that computers can be frustrating, especially for those who are not tech-savvy or do not have much experience troubleshooting tech issues. Printers can also be equally frustrating- particularly if your computer is having trouble recognizing your printer. Expect to encounter one of the common issues or situations below at some point.

Computer Repair & Help

Hardware components (including the screen, keyboard, etc.) deteriorate over time and are prone to breaks or malfunctions. Many computer owners are often unsure of what the problem really is, but a tech expert from HelloTech can diagnose your issue and offer their solution for repairing your computer back to tip-top shape. We love HelloTech!

Computer Tune-Up

If your computer issue is not a deep, serious problem (like motherboard issues or a cracked monitor), then opt for a tune-up instead. In fact, you should periodically tune-up your computer even if it is operating properly. A tune-up includes everything from freeing up memory space to cleaning the registry.

Data Back-up or Transfer

Imagine powering on your computer only to be faced with complete data loss. All those important pictures, documents, and files are gone without a trace. This happens all the time and is arguably at the top of the list for most common tech issues. Always back-up your data through the cloud (safest) or on an external hard drive.

New Computer Setup

Setting up a computer for the first time might seem simple to tech wizards, but it is a challenge to some people. If you are one of those people who just want to buy a laptop and have it instantly work how you want it (no setup required), consider hiring someone to perform the setup for you.

Virus Removal & Cleanup

Just like data loss is at the top of the "most common problems" list, so is acquiring a virus. Viruses run rampant on the internet, so it is all too easy to get one these days. A virus can be stealthily installed on your laptop just by opening a spam email and downloading a "real-looking" attachment. Treat virus removal seriously if you think you may have one. Antivirus software can warn you of the problem, but a tech pro can remove it for you.

Software Install or Uninstall

Having issues installing or uninstalling a tricky piece of software? Let someone assist you if you find yourself getting frustrated during this process. Sometimes your computer may not be compatible with the software you are trying to install, or there might be a glitch preventing a successful uninstall.

Printer Setup

When buying a printer for the first time, one does not usually anticipate having issues with the setup. However, some printers are not built for ease of use. Your computer might not recognize the printer, or there may be several steps involved in setting everything up. For WiFi-enabled printers, connecting to the internet and making the printer go "online" is a common issue.

Printer Troubleshooting or Repair

Like computers, printers also encounter errors that must be troubleshot. In some cases, your printer may need to be professionally repaired if any component is physically damaged.

Email or Online Account Setup

Don't let email get you frustrated. Setting up your account is one thing, but configuring it to function how you want it is a whole 'nother thing. Email setup usually involves the actual account creation, tinkering with a wide range of settings, linking the account with your devices, and troubleshooting any issues.

Operating System (OS) Install or Re-install

This computer issue is a bit tricky. Most freshly purchased laptops or desktops will come with a version of Windows or Mac ready to be installed during the initial setup. However, you may prefer a different version, or you may encounter OS software problems during that setup. For either case, you will need to uninstall the current OS and re-install your preferred OS. Keep in mind; your computer will essentially be a base with extremely limited functionality until you install an OS.

Computer Hard Drive Reset

Sometimes, all of your problems can be solved with a complete hard drive reset. If you have tried

everything and nothing seems to work, this might be a cure-all for every computer issue you are experiencing. This does wipe all of your personal data, so back-up what you want to save on the cloud or on an external device.


When you need you computer issue fixed or you even want the smart doorbell installed or maybe you need help with your home wifi. Book an appointment with HelloTech. They will send out a pro at a fair price and just get it done for you.

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