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    We created this blog to help home-owners, whether you’re reading this from the den in your quiet house or if you’re reading this locked in the bathroom to get away from the noise. We’re here to help with life’s small messes and house conundrums. Life is busier than ever and time seems to slip right out the window. We wanted to put back the excitement in owning a house. A house shouldn’t feel like a huge chore, but should feel like the family home you’ve always dreamed of, of your humble oasis. Coming home should feel safe and comfortable, warm and inviting, like coming home to a giant chocolate chip cookie hug. Coming home shouldn’t feel stressful and exhausting.


    From smaller living to living large, we have you covered on the problems and intricacies of owning a home! You can find tips on everything from picking a painter to decorating your living room. We’ve included How To’s on things like unclogging your drain or how to pick out the right cleaning product for you and your home, because no one should be spending half an hour in the cleaning aisle, wondering just what every bottle on that shelf before you actually does. No matter the size of family, living with kids or without, a house is a crazy place; it’s what makes it home. We hope to be a reliable source for you and your family on everything home living.


    Questions about your house? Don’t be shy and drop us a line!

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